It seems to be. There are similar laws Isreal is trying to pass in the US. It captured my attention because it targets US citizens and threatens us with imprisonment!!!! If we participate in divestment activities against Isreal. I’m like WTF????? Like seriously, WTF does Isreal have to do with US citizens? Why are they attempting to influence what we say, think, so heavily? (Prison?!?!? For not screaming “heil Isreal!” I mean seriously! They are resorting to some Nazi Germany type antics, and ironically so! WTF?

That sort of heavy handed interference no doubt leads to concerns about the state of Isreal. I’ve spent most of my American life thinking very little about it…but here’s how I see Isreal now, it’s like someone coming from halfway around the world, into your house, with a gun, and demanding that you buy certain things or say certain things, WTF????

Only a terrified, and unstable person would resort to such antics…so is Isreal a terrified and unstable country? What is the deal with Isreal? Why are they running around the world threatening all these people in other countries and what in the world do they think THAT is going to do for anti-semitism? I see why it’s on the rise. It’s on the rise because of Isreal…and that’s a shame because I don’t think most Jews in the world have anything to do with Isreal.

Something is not right with Isreal…these actions show that something just isn’t right. And their position isn’t about religion…it’s certainly not about God…but a bloody, and vicious thirst for power. Isreal’s actions make life difficult for Jews everywhere, and Isreal doesn’t really care about Jews…if it did, it would try to bring itself in line with the norms of the world and stop killing all those Palestinians. Instead it just keeps doing what it does and DEMAND that everyone in the world love them for it. This is not right. We shouldn’t be forced to support any country’s political stance, not even our own, so why does Isreal have the power to make demands of US citizens that are illegal under the First Amendment. Isreal is attacking our constitutional rights…and that is a very bold, Anti-American act. What exactly does Isreal stand for? Killing And oppressing Palestinians…and now moving outward with all that aggression. Americans better wake up…next thing we know Isreal will have a fence in our backyard, oppressing and killing us. (They’re already trying to imprison us for exercising our constitutional rights.)

Working with the Light!

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