It used to be hard to tell if your posts were satire…now it’s impossible. This is absolutely something Trump would say, and absolutely something Trump would do…unapologetically.

In fact he may even think this is real (cause who knows how that bizarre brain actually works.) He might come across this, believe he’s got a vaccine and announce that he will give it out only to people who vote for him, on Fox News of course. And of course all the Fox News watchers would believe this 100%. And…would Fox News even take issue with Trump saying this?

Would they even bother with correcting the factual inaccuracies? (Which is that there is no vaccine, certainly won’t be one at the polls in November.)

I don’t think Fox would find this terribly problematic…because you know, ratings…and votes for Trump, truth be damned.

What is satire, simply becomes propaganda, under a different set of circumstances. If we get rid of the real journalists (and this administration is definitely working on that), satire, and your actual “fake”news becomes “real” news. How bizarre is this?

It’s mind-bendy, really! I mean think about it. Put a Fox logo on your story and it absolutely becomes real news for millions of people, who simply could not be convinced otherwise. They would be insisting on getting their vaccine at the polls.

I’ve seen your stories go from being absurd and ridiculous to painfully close to what we actually hear from those reporting on and interviewing Trump. And no one even bothers to correct Trump anymore. His lies are so the norm, they’ve almost become the truth. Everyone knows Trump lies (about everything) and so no one even bothers to mention that he’s lying; and so then it sort of becomes the truth. An uncontested lie is almost the truth…almost.

Upside? You could seamlessly transition from resistor satirist to Trump administration propagandist…do you see any difference between yourself and Trump’s new press secretary?

AI it should be you up there dealing with all the reporters seeking the truth. We would take you just as seriously as Kayleigh McEneny. In fact, without changing a thing, I think you may have a tad bit more credibility.

Sigh…it’s come to this. A satirist would make a slightly better press secretary than our actual press secretary.

AI do keep telling us what the Trump administration is up to. You are absolutely as truthful as any of them…actually just a bit more so, because it’s clear that you are lying.

Working with the Light!

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