It’s a damn good question, and certainly I’m not in favor of the Trump Administration in any way shape or form, I mean OBVIOUSLY he’s incompetent- anyone who knows anything about that machine knows that Trump (and any of the Trumpsters for that matter) have far too simplistic a mindset to work that machine. It’s a really complicated really corrupt machine, and you gotta be a really smooth and really smart criminal to work it correctly — Trump ain’t that. Certainly he’s criminal, but his hustle is simple cons, for simple minds. That’s not Washington.

But, the New York Times and the mainstream media has decided to take a play from the Trump Con handbook and run a simple con, for simple minds. “Trumps incompetent the sky is falling!”

Trumps BEEN totally incompetent, since day 1. Yet that hasn’t made the news UNTIL NOW, so you gotta wonder what they are up to.

Whatever it is, it’s probably not gonna work, because as simple-minded as most Trumpsters are, they have been totally captured by fear. That guy so aptly named his book. Trump’s base is totally driven by fear — largely trumped plump by the conservatives mainstream media Fox “news” keeps them pissing in their pants daily. This news is not going to scare them any worse or differently than Fox already has, and the rest of us, who can still see and think clearly, already know that Trump is totally incompetent and that everyone is Washington is doing damage control in the Washington way. I suspect, Trumps just become too much for them. They’re tired. They can’t do it anymore and want Trump gone.

It doesn’t really matter. If you truly understand American politics, you know that Trump was never at the helm anyway. None of our Presidents ever are.

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