It’s a good point. I don’t think it was that he fired him that was problematic but the WAY he fired him. In Washington, to fire anyone, there are certain procedures and protocols that are fired and THAT WAY was not it. Washington DC IS NOT the celebrity apprentice. Acting as if it is has caused Trump so many avoidable problems, and that’s why D.C. Wants him gone. He doesn’t play the game. Most times, he doesn’t even try. Comey was banking on making a name for himself, probably in a harmless way, with the Russia scandal. Trump saw that, and got rid off him, but blew the scandal up way bigger than it would have been than if he had just ignored Comey. Couldn’t do it. This man’s behavior is highly problematic. I don’t understand the relentless desire by some to just ignore that entirely, and complain about bias against him.

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