It’s a good point. Clearly, we are in the realm where almost anything goes, and as soon as Trump became President we all should have known this would be the case.

I think our operating system is overwhelmed by the tenacity of the Trump Administration lie virus…you can correct a Trump lie, but it just comes back tenfold. The more you hit the delete button, the more he doubles down on it and the more the lies and alternative facts find their way into the system. And so many people actually believe these lies, and they become the truth (to stupid people.)

And so you are absolutely right, that the conserve pundits are furiously spinning (and it sounds utterly ridiculous to me) DTJ’s actions into a legality that is nonexistent. But it doesn’t matter. They are absolutely in the business of making lies true. You will have millions mindlessly spouting that Trump Jr. Did absolutely nothing wrong, and they will parrot their Fox logic to everyone they know, and they will dig in their heels, adamantly on this. There will be no convincing them otherwise. All we can do is choir preach, or get to the unconverted. The rest are like the walking dead. There simply is no reasoning with them and it’s a waste of time to try.

Of course what he did is illegal! He was conspiring with Russians regarding bringing down an American presidential candidate!

This sounds like treason, or some spy double agent shit. How can anyone make the argument that this was legal? The best way is what Steve McGrath did, you take the word conspire — and make the argument that he did not in fact do that. It’s an easy argument to make because, as far as we know, nothing actually happened. The Russian lawyer/spy didn’t give him secret Access Hollywood tapes in Hillary Clinton. According to him, (who admittedly lacks credibility) the conservation led to nothing.

The whole engagement was so stupid, so utterly ineffective, it hardly seems like a crime. Like the idiot who thinks he hired a hit man, but instead gives 20 grand to a conman who takes his money and runs. Were crimes committed? Sure. Attempted murder and theft. But will these crimes be prosecuted? Not unless someone actually gets killed.

BUT, credibility is a HUGE issue. Not only does this Administration lie, it can’t keep it’s lies straight. So for all we know the lawyer/spy handed him viruses to infect state voting machines. Maybe she told him that the Wikileaks Podesta email dump was coming and gave him an outline on how to spin Pizzagate. Maybe she told him that the Russians would yank Comey’s chain a week before the election and he would turn on Hill as a result. We cannot believe this guy, because this administration lies. And he could be telling the truth about everything. But the administration is under such a cloud at this point, who knows? That’s a big, big problem. Huge in fact. Russians say jump, and Trump’s people say when and how high? That’s another big problem.

Someone pointed out that on the day Jr. Met with the Russians, Trump tweeted he had some bombshell he was going to drop on Hill. Apparently he and Jr. believed the Russian hype.

I actually have heard a few references to the election laws. But you’re right, just a few. Most discourse centers mainly around this so called “collusion” which seems to be a pretty vague allegation in any case. I also did read an article that said, there is no actual crime involving the term “collusion” and thus, we were being distracted from what laws were actually being violated, which are othese federal election laws.

I am sure though, that these are violated all the time. Again who would push prosecution? What agency? When you have someone that high up, behaving badly, prosecution is almost impossible. Especially when the crime committed has been committed by nearly all in the establishment. It’s a glass house, no stone throwing type situation.

But the Fox Newsian spin deeply insults intelligence. It’s all, hey…Donald Jr. was helping his dad, and golly wow, he just didn’t know! Ignorance of the law is NEVER an appropriate defense (unless diminished mental capacity is at issue…and maybe it is.) But this would be impossible to prove and This is basically the Conserve spin. It insults our intelligence and it insults Donald Jrs as well. Despite having millions of dollars at his disposal, he was too stupid to figure out how to ethically participate in an election campaign? Something unpaid volunteers can figure out though? How stupid is this guy? And…if he’s that stupid, how is he running these multimillion dollar corporations?

So no, as far as we know, he’s not too stupid to figure out the right way to participate in a presidential campaign, more like too reckless to care about doing it right. That too can be a crime.

No matter how you spin it, DTJ’s actions were shady, unethical, dishonest, borderline treasonous and probably criminal — and the best defense Fox comes up with is he didn’t know.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!