It’s a major industry…a MAJOR industry it moves billions in product (drugs and guns) and profit. But the industry completely destroys communities and even countries.

The losses in middle America are absolutely devastating to all of us, because they provide the food. As a result of the economic strife, the quality of food here has gone down dramatically and the cost has risen astronomically. I’m very upset about this because the lack of decent food is a real and serious problem! At least it is to me. There are entire cities and towns in America where people cannot access any nutritious food. The food now seems to be largely artificial. Everyone wants organic as a result. There is not enough of it to go around and it’s crazy expensive.

The EU didn’t let Monsanto in. That was a good call. Monsanto getting a hold of the food chain here has caused the food to become disgusting and expensive — and they’ve eliminated all the good farmers and farming communities.

First these people were exploited by the agricultural industry-Monsanto- which kept making it more and more expensive for them to run their farms. Next they were hit with meth and heroine epidemics and those drug epidemics absolutely wipe entire communities out. Parents OD and leave behind orphans. The entire family structure breaks down, because so many parents are dead, absent or in jail. The kids left behind have a lot of problems.

The same thing happens with So many of our Hispanic immigrants who are coming from countries destroyed by the drug trade — and yes your brother is correct. The illegals are used for slave labor and its gotten so bad that importing illegals is a major industry, as well.

They pay thousands to get in illegally only to find the only opportunities are in slave labor. Then they get blamed for a lack of economic opportunity for American workers. But it’s not their fault- not entirely- because industries lobby for this labor and get special permits to use these people like this. Every industry is racing to the bottom — wanting to pay as little as possible in wages to amp up profits. So it’s true that the US is economically stagnant in most parts of the country. No company wants to pay a living wage anymore.

I live in one of the wealthiest areas in the country (the Washington DC area). It was once said that this area was recession proof, but not anymore, even here wages are pretty stagnant. They largely haven’t risen in years in most industries. The defense industry-which is huge here-pays pretty well still. But that’s the only industry.

Over the past ten years wealth has also become extremely concentrated — which is wealth that was held by 25% of the population suddenly ended up in the hands of 1% of the population.

No one can explain how that happened exactly. Apparently the housing crisis had something to do with it. But none of our politicians speak to any of these things and most Americans are completely fed up with none of them being able to explain how the economic conditions for the average Joe got so bad so quickly.

But if you listen to economists, they can point to years of policies that have been in effect since the 1970s, at least. We have been on this crash course for a while. The American middle class reached its height in the 50s and 60s. Its been going downhill ever since.

Because things are so economically uncomfortable over here, for almost everyone, the divide and conquer strategies are a good distraction from this issue. Our politicians can just pit groups against one another instead of tackling real economic problems. But I think people are seeing through this. The biggest expectation for Trump is that he is going to turn these economic losses for the middle class all around…but that’s not likely. He is already moving in the opposite direction- concentrating wealth in the hands of even fewer.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!