It’s a rhetorical exercise. It makes you think. And pretty much that’s all dystopian fiction (quite the rage now) does. It makes you consider what is the end game for all the horrible balls we have in the air.

The Children of Men, was almost that rhetorical exercise. It came out in 2006, flopped, and now they run it nonstop. They think it was prescient and is currently playing out. (The immigrant thing, not the humans being unable to procreate thing.) But hey, give the GMOs and poisoned water some other time to further degrade and who knows? That and all of the total disregard of women’s reproductive health- a vastly complicated system if ever there was one- and a future with no human reproduction could very well be on the horizon.

The problem is, people never want to examine these sorts of extinction problems until deeply in the throes of it. Then it’s too late.

Considering the what ifs way before the what iffed thing actually happens, is just good strategy for whatever is coming.

And boy…we got so much coming.

Working with the Light!

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