It’s a very interesting story Shaun.

What painful lives we live, on that cursed AMERICAN COLOR LINE.

And…we can’t really ever complain about it either, cause, darker skinned African-Americans have it so much worse.

And as for white privilege, we know exactly what that is, right? We can see it, we can feel it!

We are so f*cking close to the white privilege, we can touch it, we can almost have it- right? If you wanted to…you could have even passed. But, you wanted to be true to who you were and THIS COUNTRY IS SO FUCKED UP AROUND RACE — that this cost you, and your mama, dearly.

No one should have to pay for who they are, but in America, that is the curse of being Black. We pay all day every day, in any number of ways and in your case, in blood and bones.

You look like my son, and also, much like him, you quickly figured out exactly who you were. You are clearly, as the police officer explained, BOTH. Almost all African-Americans actually are, but choosing sides in this country is critical. We have been living with this bullshit, navigating all around it FOR CENTURIES.

But being black like us…it makes some folks really uncomfortable. And this goes for everyone on either side of the colorline, but, here I’m just going to speak to the whites. I need to do this because some of the white commentary here, in response to you story, is so hateful, so extraordinarily out of pocket.

Sadly, you have apparently been dealing with these types for quite some time, and not just in social media either. I think you have been struggling with how to cope. Want my advice?


Tell it loud, tell it proud, and in the telling know that your are forcing whites to recognize black humanity. It’s an extraordinary service. I personally thank you.

Now, more than ever, and you, more than anyone are in the position to tell it. Simply because of who you are and the way you look.

You are both white and black AND these hateful whites cannot dismiss you without dismissing themselves. And they very might well do that - but, in doing so, they lose. You on the other hand cannot.

I have never, ever, ever known a white person, who could look at me, in my face, and deny me my humanity - not a one, not ever. Nor, can they do the same to you. They can try. I know that they have. But look at you. More extraordinarily human than ever. Absolutely endearing. Only a monster, wouldn’t think so.

And…there are monsters. So nice of them to let us know exactly who they are, and how they think. The 2016 election made that perfectly clear.

And, now we know.

But we are line crossers, and by the very look of us, we are line blurrers . At this point and time the lines are even being erased.

To a certain kind of mind, there is nothing more threatening.

Keep doing what you do. Keep crossing those lines. You are the future.

Working with the Light!

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