It’s actually an epidemic and it’s far worse than anyone wants to acknowledge. A lot of it involves children- of both genders as well.

It’s everywhere, but gets specifically horrific in places of war and conflict. I just watched a film entitled: The Uncondemed. Its about the systematic rape the occurred in Rwanda during the genocide that occurred in the mid-nineties. The film did an amazing job of explaining how rape is in fact used as a weapon, by occupying forces, and why.

While it may seem unrelated, to Trumps “locker room banter” it’s not. Its the same dehumanization of women, which taken to its extreme, results in endless gang-rapes and murder of innocent women and children. And it starts like this. It starts with “locker room banter.” This banter and unwanted touching has to stop. It is an abuse of power, a lack of common decency and restraint and in extreme cases it is torture. Yes you heard correctly torture.

We have to really, as a human race, be honest about what we are all condoning when we don’t speak out forcefully against grabbing someone by the pussy. This is just not acceptable — and i don’t care what your political or religious affiliation is, or your gender affiliation, if you are working hard to justify this — you are a part of a huge, huge problem and you have the blood of innocent women and children on your hands.

Working with the Light!

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