It’s an informative article, albeit depressing. What I’d like people to consider is what is this deep, intense longing for a reversal of Roe v. Wade really about? What is it REALLY about? It’s not about the “sanctity of life.” Because honestly, in this world? No such thing. So that’s a cover for the truth.

The truth is obvious. Most just refuse to see it. It’s about women being treated as property or “chattel” as was the term used throughout European history. Deep in their brain stems most men, certainly most European ones, do not fully recognize women as thinking, sensing beings, but rather think of them as property to be under their control, and especially the reproductive part of it, as that just provides even more property for men to be in control of (think slaves, serfs, slavery, serfdom etc.).

I think it’s important to point this out, because as long as the issue is framed by lies (sanctity of life my ass) most people are missing what is really at stake.

What is at stake is the humane treatment of women, (and people of both genders, born into less than adequate circumstances which happens often when women do not have reproductive freedom.)

So this just isn’t about women, it’s about people. If this Roe v. Wade reversal stuff, is taken to the extreme (and yeah clearly many Pub politicians are all about those extremes) we will end up in some Hand Maiden’s Tale dystopia, with women being legally raped and tortured, all to serve a very small male minority’s lust for wealth and power. And, as I said before, that is basically European history in a nutshell.

But, this is a paradigm that doesn’t benefit most men either. (It really doesn’t, and I think deep in their hearts, most men know this, even if they don’t clearly articulate it.)

I think those who would deny women access to resources that allows them to live healthy lives, are unaware to the tremendous damage this does to the human race, as a whole. Because it’s a very violent and oppressive approach to treatment of 1/2 of the world’s population (think of it! One half! It’s outrageous.)

Furthermore, this one-half of the population is on the frontlines for the development of babies and children, which is THE FUTURE. Children really are the future, and it’s been our collective human failure to recognize how important that is. It’s incredibly important that children get a good start in life. It’s usually women who determine how good that start is. In order to give them that, women need to be in a good place; and it’s impossible for her to be in that good place if she doesn’t have, at a minimum, some degree of understanding and control of her body. (Yes I had to say understanding because many of these “pro-life” (again that’s a lie) fanatics don’t even want women to have any knowledge about how their bodies work! Seriously! Google sex education in Texas, and you might discover that it’s so controversial that teen girls who attempt to get informed (in an effort to avoid teen pregnancy) are harassed and antagonized and threatened to the point where, any relatively normal person would abandon the endeavor.

But there are some seriously determined young women out there who persist, despite the dangers. This is insane.

The whole state of Texas, in my opinion, is on some seriously sick and barbaric shit. This is the state where a black man was chained to the back of a pick up truck and dragged to his death, for kicks…

Cause a lot of Texans (many of the “pro-life” one’s,) get off on that.

Policies that leave women open to all kinds of jeopardy, health wise, due to reproductive ignorance are not pro-life, they are actually “pro-death.”

Pro-death of women who are not getting the reproductive healthcare that they need and

Pro-death of the infants who can’t get a good start in life due to being born into horrendous situations.

I just read about an infant who was killed by an unstable father, whom the mother had fled, with her infant in tow, but the father somehow regained custody of the child.

I’m willing to bet that woman’s reproductive options were quite limited. And yet the “pro-life” faction would explain this whole episode away with so much gibberish.

That woman should have never had that child. It wasn’t the right time, nor the right conditions, to bring life forth.

Which brings me to my next topic- infertility. Infertility is hitting the western worlds at alarming rates. I think this is related to women becoming aware of the fact that the environments that humans have created, are in fact anti-life; and why would you want to bring a child into that?

I have known, more than a handful of women who have refused (consciously refused) to have children because of environmental conditions; and even more who REALLY struggled to have them. Paid thousands of dollars, just to be able to have them.

Something is off here. Something is definitely off. Where their is deep and unnatural imbalance, nature finds a way to correct.

The current approach to women and their bodies (in many places all over the globe) is deeply unnatural, and that’s were the conversation needs to be. Because the truth is “pro-life” legislation is anything but.

The reality is it is deeply and incredibly damaging and anti-life, to people- all people everywhere.

Working with the Light!

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