It’s certainly not mine! Clearly I think it’s Trump’s fault! But not really. It’s everyone in America’s fault.

But Trump is NOT helping! And honestly, can you and Steve McGrath honestly tell me to my face, (or via social media) that Trump is not? At fault for so much division, hate, racism, sexism, etc? Like really? He talks about grabbing people by the pussy, Mexican rapists and stop and frisk, and we are supposed to pretend he’s FDR? Really? Please don’t insult my intelligence that deeply. Please. Do you both really take me for a complete idiot? I would think that my level of discourse shows that I am above the idiocracy, where we pretend Trump is doing ANYTHING productive. He is not. Especially when you’re black in America and reading fucking travel bans from the NAACP, where they tell you travel to this state and risk your life, if you’re black.

Clearly, that shit has Trump written all over it. I don’t even know what we’re disputing here.

Working with the Light!

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