It’s funny. Im rewatching The Sopranos to figure out why it spoke to me (and apparently millions of others) so deeply. I think it is because The Sopranos was about family, deeply, deeply dysfunctional family — and that is something almost everyone who has a family can relate to. I know I can.

Because they are an Italian family, (The Sopranos) food is a big part of their dynamic. Because they stress the food so much, you (the viewer) think the food must be really good. I wonder if it really is, or is it more of an acquired taste…but I don’t know…I’ve always loved pizza…and I’m like yeah, those Italians are clearly on to something! Wish I could be eating with those Sopranos!

But uh, maybe not. Someone is always getting insulted, beat, shot or stabbed in the back, there’s just so much corruption, confusion, deception and deceit with this mob family, it is not an entirely pleasant experience ever. They do, however, seem like the typical family. (The Sopranos.)

Meadow, Tony Sopranos daughter, talks about how everything the Sopranos do, hails back to keeping order in the “old country.” The Sopranos love to talk about “the old country.” And all of it is both weird, and strangely familiar.

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