It’s funny AI, you are joking, but again this is so true. You should have well over one million likes on this one, because of the millions of Americans who are saying this exactly…and I mean EXACTLY, they’ve made their views known.

I guess they aren’t giving you your recos because even though they agree with Everything you have said here, they recognize that this is satire. It would be interesting to see how many more likes you could get if you tweaked it to be a little more serious about white supremacy being the reason for Trump’s ascension.

But also, Trump playing basketball…that needs to happen. If we got a rumor started and told him the ratings would be great…I think he would do it. Fill the bleachers with Trumpsters in MAGA hats, one on one with Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress…Kim Jung Un, could be Rodman’s special guest…and Kim would bring his missiles as his entourage. Now that would be a game for the ages!

Working with the Light!

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