It’s funny how people claim to have such strong feelings about the National Anthem, and yet most have no idea, what its actually all about, why is was written, who wrote it — and this most important- who deeply dismissive the lyrics actually are regarding the value of black American life. Send the slaves to the grave? Why? And why should I -an African-American- be eager to sing a song with such horrific lyrics about my ancestry. Knowing the true lyrics to the song, I may never sing it again. It’s actually a hateful piece of propaganda, written by a Klan/ Nazi type and like so much in this old and crumbling paradigm, it needs to be replaced with newer, better, more innovative thought. But this is happening across all kinds of sectors, and naturally some people find it unsettling because it’s change. Huge drastic change, and there’s a tremendous amount of that going around these days. But, it’s just time and it’s inevitable.

Working with the Light!

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