It’s happening in first world countries, primarily and that’s because the major stakeholders in the country, i.e. The owners of multinational corporations like multiculturalism and benefit greatly from multiculturalism and could really care less about keeping the countries where they are headquartered all white. That doesn’t benefit the globalist agenda at all — which is all about multiculturalism.

It’s also about classism, which is to say, it hardly matters what race you are in anymore- no one in a position of real power gives a damn about that, not that they ever did.

But how much money, or power or influence you have? That’s what that matters. Those kinds of people come in all races, and easily mix with one another, all the first world countries become more multicultural.

So if you take issue with the trend toward multiculturalism, you really taking issue with huge multinational corporations, so good luck with your fight against multiculturalism, its going up against some heavy hitters.

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