It’s not. I don’t play these semantic games about capitalism, Marxism, socialism or communism, because as I said before they are old and failed economic systems. Did any of these systems account for Bitcoin? Which is being used rather heavily these days…which is interesting being that it is a totally unregulated form of money.

Like it or not, we are in some sort of post failed capitalist burgeoning crypto currency, global economic system. Which seems to be taken the WORST of capitalism and turning it into something entirely different, who knows.

But my point about capitalism is that here in America IT RAN ON SLAVERY. Therefore American capitalism was a corrupt and dirty capitalism, never intended (in its philosophy) to run on stolen humans.

Or maybe it was. And so maybe that is the reason BLM wants to disrupt capitalism, because if capitalism has to run on my enslavement, then my life cannot possibly matter within that system. Marxism, as I recall, requires no classism, and and equal distribution of resources to all, which really isn’t (at least it doesn’t have to be) a dystopian nightmare of poverty for everyone, which is how Capitalist spin it, if there were any true Capitalist (which there aren’t.)

There are THUGS, PIMPS, AND THEIVES, that’s it! And they hide behind the philosophy of capitalism, to try and bring honor to themselves. There is no honor in this current economic system. It demands oppression! It demands slavery! You want to act like it doesn’t because the truth of what passes for “Capitalism” is rank, filth, blood, ugly. It’s child labor/slavery at 20 hours out of ever 24 hour day until they die…it’s people as disposable as paper cups. You want to put a pretty spin on this. Well…no wonder BLM is Marxist Informed (which is all I got from the quote you provided.

Obviously people who have been exploited UNGODLY by “capitalism” (cough slavery!) are not going to be particularly impressed by that economic system.

Is Marxism a viable answer to the endless ills of capitalism? No. I don’t think so. But this “capitalism is GREAT!!!!” Is such a hard sell when it has resulted in 5 people controlling all of the world’s Resources. (I’m being facetious.) But Elon Musk jokes about how he can overthrow entire political systems in entire countries…because why? Because he can…because “capitalism.” That’s not capitalism that is pillaging and theft.

And this is exactly what Marx always warned about capitalism…that it was a sick, predatory system that would leave almost everyone except a very elite few, very poor and oppressed. Looks like time has proven him right. That is the state of the world today, globally.

And so Marxism and socialism (old, old, old and totally unworkable at this point) are looking pretty good to the 99% who have next to nothing.

It’s no secret the Millenials are deeply interested in socialism and soon this will be their world (what’s left of it anyway) why not let them decide? I know it’s so hard to accept, but the Boomers are dying. Everything that they were about (endless consumption and greed) is dying along with.

They are the last of this old crap. The Millenials are not going go for the same old shit; and they shouldn’t. These same 5 people are killing the planet everyone and everything needs to live on. It’s a crime against life. People are sick of it.

Working with the Light!

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