It’s not just that. Men are actually having problems with fertility too. There are a lot of things that have gone wrong in this current world, cancer (basically cells going crazy) is another fatal disease that is accelerating at an alarming rate, and the methods of battling them medieval, which is to say highly ineffective and slightly ridiculous.

But profitable, helluva profitable. As for the Ginsburg rule, that’s not her philosophy or theory, it’s old. Dating back to Malthus, a European economist in the late 1700. The theory is that basically explosions in population breed poverty.

This is so basic, mathematically, there really can be no dispute about it. If the population can’t keep up with its need for resources, (food and otherwise) there will be poverty for that exploded population. Yes populations need to be controlled, if you want to prevent poverty, that’s like, duh two plus two equal four. But that’s not the goal. As far as I can tell, never has been.

No the goal is that to exploit the hell out of the vulnerable poor population. To use it and abuse it rulers see fit. Need an army? Gotta have bodies, expendable ones too, and that’s where your vulnerable male population comes in quite handy…right.

You can be down with that. I don’t care. Be about whatever you want to be about, war, using men for fodder in the hopes that you too, might one day be king and get to have that power.

I don’t care. Just don’t sit up here and try to convince me, that if being “pro-life” means you give a goddamn about life. You don’t. What you really care about is power, and making sure it stays in certain hands…hands that look like your own most likely.


Working with the Light!

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