It’s not obvious that anyone is trying to usher in an Orwellian dystopia, but we have been, for quite some time, experiencing components of Orwell’s 1984 dystopia…and you write a lot about these things, the endless wars, the propagandized media, now we’re being slowly uniformed (with the masks-the point of which, well there are several points, all related to establishing new norms.)

The masks are a type of crowd control. New forms of crowd control are necessary as other and older types of crowd control, religion for example, are breaking down.

If you wear the masks, you’re a good citizen. If you don’t, you’re a problem. There are so many ways this can turn full-on dystopia, but it is true that nobody knows where any of this is going, yet.

Maybe the masks really do prevent what appears to be a bizarre illness that impacts some people not at all to being horrorifically, painfully fatal.

I call it the death lottery, because those real bad hits are low like the lottery, but they do happen. No one wants that.

But being nonstop bombarded with information about a death lottery, is a mindfuck in and of itself. Just like the real lottery, I mean how many people win it? Very few, but everyone wants to.

The COVID lottery is the opposite. No one wants to win it, and we buy these flimsy cheap masks, in the hopes of not winning…well okay. But seriously what are our chances with these masks?

It’s the nonstop mind fuckery that have people imagining all kinds of future dystopias.

No people don’t like walking around with masks, looking like they are inside some kind of zombie apocalypse, nor do they want to randomly die from a horrible bizarre disease that no one seems to understand (or worse live with debilitating effects of it.)

There really are no good choices…and that just keeps being the general theme of this reality.

And while there are tons of conspiracy theories circulating about all of this, evidence in day to day living does trend toward the dystopic.

I mean…it’s not optimal. I suspect your readership wants you to confirm at least some of that, but you’re right. No one knows. It’s hard to say. That’s the worst part of it for many.

Working with the Light!

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