It’s obvious to me you’re not US educated, because most US citizens hardly know anything about the atrocities (continuing atrocities and they’re not all dead yet, and they don’t like be considered that way) against Native Americans or the institution of slavery even though it is written into the Constitution. If you’re expecting any Americans to have any knowledge about any sort of historical brutality against its own citizens, (beyond the obvious as you state) well I’m here to tell you it’s just not likely to happen — though there is ample evidence of it. But in America, there is koolaid and most of us drink it. We have no clue what our history is and believe all sorts of simplistic sound bites, that offer simplistic (and now angry) views of the world and ignore reality.

Sadly, as ignorant as we are, we deserve what we get…and look what we’ve got: Trump and Clinton. That just about says it all. Idiots all of us.


Working with the Light!

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