It’s odd, I’ve been thinking about this with regard to my own personal life. I grew up in the 70s half Baptist, half Episcopalian. Each side of the family very religious and into the church…but so much family dysfunction, so much hypocrisy in my home and in the church itself.

I was being told stories and being given values that I saw almost no one living up to. I grew very cynical, turned my back on my Christian upbringing, not because I didn’t believe in it, but because I felt like no one else did. I’ve not fully participated in a Christian church since the 90s, and yet, I would like to believe that I do live a Christian life.

However, I am not going to take instructions from hypocrites, idiots, abusers, pedaphiles, criminals or hate mongerers, and the Christian Church, unfortunately, has become rife with all of those defective personalities.

There has been a deep corruption of the American Christian Church, just like everything else (the Congress for example), so I don’t know if it’s fair to say Christianity is no longer relevant, more to the point, it has been hijacked or corrupted, and a moral, decent person can’t stomach what it has become.

I can always spot a true Christian, but these days they are extremely rare, because the environments that create such people have been so degraded and polluted. I miss the idea of the Christian church, although, I now doubt if it ever existed as more than an ideal. Even the stories you tell of Christians feeding the poor and sick in Rome…I just don’t know, if I even believe it. When you get really up close and personal in any of these Christian organizations, it seems one always stumbles upon a hideous underbelly.

So no, it’s not that Christianity is not relevant, it’s that it’s not believed. Most people don’t see and Christlike behavior in most organizations that label themselves Christian. Evangelicals have far more in common with Satan and that mythology, than anything even remotely resembling the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. When Paul Ryan (who I guess attempts to pass himself off as some sort of Christian) was questioned by a constituent identifying himself as a Christian about his lack of adherence to biblical Christian beliefs, Paul Ryan snarled at him, “I got your bible.” Check it out below:

This blatant hypocrisy has caused so many people to be disgusted with men like Ryan and the Christian church itself, for allowing men like them to claim to be affiliated with it for the purpose of accumulating power, prestige, wealth, votes, while embracing no true Christian values. What does it even mean to be Christian anymore. The character Jesus Chris, in the novel the shack, exclaimed that Christianity had absolutely nothing to do with him. Sadly, so many people believe that is absolutely true, and identifying as a Christian these days, all to often means making a deal with the devil.



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