Its the only way to bridge the gap actually. I was talking to a friend today about Black lives matter v. All Lives Matter — and we finally agreed, all lives don’t matter…and we need to really discuss the conditions under which lives don’t matter and try to address and acknowledge those conditions- and for Gods sakes stop trying to blame one another! I agree that plenty of white people in America are hurting too, and under certain conditions, their lives don’t matter either. That’s a problem. As a country we need to be really honest about the multitude of problems we are facing and stop trying to blame others, just because it’s convenient and easy. It doesn’t solve any problems. Trump’s “Stop and Frisk” doesn’t solve any problems — it just creates so many more, and your friend will still be struggling in a country that is ever more violent and hostile, as a result. Empathy is the answer- and we don’t need either Clinton or Trump to engage in this way, we just do it.

Working with the Light!

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