It’s true. The same is true for blacks, and probably any group that is at odds with another. I try to speak out against all the isms (I’m a Libra, it’s what I do.) But I’m well aware that with some relatives, to not despise “the white man” or Jews, is to be harassed ungodly, until I concede that hey, these groups of people have some problems.

But all groups of people do.

But I mean these are exactly the kinds of integrated conversations we need to have. Are black people, just as adamantly racist as many whites? Hell yeah. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Hell almost all of childhood spent on black urban America, I was referred to as “white girl” or worse “white bitch.” I’ve been accused of being “too white” or “talking white.”

These were not compliments.

But even so, I understand what fuels black racism, just as I understand what fuels white racism. Fear, more so than anything else.

So like you said, education is the answer. Real talk across the lines. The Millennials, a lot of them anyway, are all about that multiculturalism. My kids grew up on it. And it was beautiful.

Black Like Me was utterly groundbreaking, with regard to what it revealed about white privilege. (And that book was written in the 60s.)

The way so many whites absolutely refuse to acknowledge white privilege, is somewhat ridiculous given how much evidence there has been about it…and for so long.

Do you know that man died as a result of whatever he did to turn his skin black? This has always bothered me. He went undercover, truly exposed the ugliness of racism in America and then died, as a result of his extraordinary dedication to the cause. It was so unfair.

Working with the Light!

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