It’s true. The competition for a laborers spot is now global, and to that end, the elites know that their best deal is not a white man.

But the fault does not lie with black and brown laborers. That’s a ridiculous thought. The fault lies with elites who are quickly changing the rules of a race-based system that allowed white males to coast for far too long.

Now that they must compete on a truly level, albeit brutal, playing field as people of color all over the world, they are angry and outraged. But, it’s a little late.

This has been a long time coming, and elites set up their plans to deal with this shift, long ago.

It makes far more sense then, for the typical millennial white male to embrace a far left philosophy of wealth sharing for everyone, universal income. Some of that out of the box thinking. But those who are intellectually stunted, are unable to do this.

A lack of intellectual curiosity and growth is literally killing off whites who are plumbing the depths of despair over certain types of losses that will not be replaced.

I say all of that to say this, if you are a white person, who cares about struggling whites, get them to read and write a think. It’s a way out. And right now it might be the only way out.

Working with the Light!

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