It’s true, but no I don’t think that was ever Svetlana’s goal (to find common ground.)

I have studied a book of meditation for years. The book is called A Course in Miracles, and it has 365 meditations, one for each day of the year. One of my favorite ones is:

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be at peace?”

I used to want to be right. Now, I primarily want to be at peace.

Svetlana wants to be right, at all costs. And while her correctness may be based in factual accuracy, the methods by which she achieves her wins are emotionally and spiritually immature. So it’s just not, it’s never going to be about finding common ground. The goal is to be right and win, no matter what. That’s level 1 or 2 in terms of levels of spiritual development, or psychological development or whatever you want to call it. Yeah she’s missing a lot of nuance and just truly interesting experiences that she might have with a less rigid approach. But that is where she’s at. She is not likely to change that approach anytime soon.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!