It’s true, but not because of liberals. Education in this country-especially free education- has always been about entrainment and indoctrination. Getting the masses to believe a particular story and of course Christianity is the best religious story because it very nicely coopts the American power structures desires. Christianity can and has been used to justify any number of abusive economic systems-such as slavery for example.

And as long as you can brainwash people into accepting slavery and servitude, the power structure wins. But you’re right. The liberals brought that down, unapologetically.

When you are no longer entraining on religious content, you do have a substance problem. What next? Good citizenship. Yeah that was a thing for a while, but now there is so much disagreement over that. (Conservatives and Liberals disagree with each other. And some conservative curriculum tampering is shameful. Like writing slavery out of the history books. When is it appropriate to just omit major historical events and institutions from education? To be fair, some liberal curriculums can be so cutting edge, as to drive conservatives up the wall, like seminars on white privilege. If these people can’t even bear to tell the truth about slavery (something that actually happened-) of course they are going to Lose their ever loving minds, over the discussion of how slavery privileged whites in America- among other things.

So real discussion about America and what it could possibly mean to be a good citizen-that’s out of the curriculum. Now what? What’s left?

Good corporate citizenship (cough) slavery. And what you have are educational systems teaching students to be great workers (for slave wages) and little else. The thing is…the kids are smart. They see through it largely. They do their own thing and the battle for their minds is being lost.

This evolution in education has been caused by a whole host of factors. Information Technology has really caused formal education to be pointless, because as my sister pointed out you can get the equivalent of a college degree by watching 100 or so TED talks. TED has better lectures than most colleges. So since so much of the information is out there…and its free, the purpose of college has changed drastically.

Using education methods from 10 A.D., doesn’t help either. The way we educate people hasn’t changed in thousands of years, but the world has changed 1000 times over. Kids are educating themselves through iPhones and IPads and this is not necessarily a good thing, but it is what it is.

I taught literature for 10 years…and each passing year it was more of a lost cause. No one has the attention span required to read any of those 1000 or so books in the Western Canon, or even the hundreds of thousands more that have been written since, and could easily replace any of them.

I have taught students from all over the world. Each semester I provided them with a list of quotes to identify. Shakespeare is on the list. The apostle Paul is on the list. Plato is on the list. Do you know whose quote everyone- and I do mean everyone from all over the world recognizes? Ice Cubes. Do you know who he is? Probably. Anyway, the quote is: “Nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A….today was a good day.” Everyone knows that quote and the author. They don’t know Shakespeare. They never know the apostle Paul (who is one of the best Biblical writers) but they know Ice Cube. I say all of that to say this, there is so much information out there, people will gravitate to the information they want to digest, and it’s not going to be the canon.

We have a new head of the Department of Education who wants to completely gut the current public education system (which is tragically broken in most places anyway) and provide vouchers for private Christian schools only…this will probably annihilate the troubled systems, and destabilize the functional ones.

So there have always been any number cooks tinkering in the education kitchen — not just liberal ones, but you’re right about one thing, there’s very little content of any kind in what passes for education.

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