It’s true…but propaganda is soooo effective because it mixes in bits of truth with its rant…and a lot of the truth that Umair utilizes, is something America and Americans need to deal with.

As an American descendant of slaves, I’ve taken it upon myself to research deeply the structure of the institution of slavery. A lot of the history is like something out of a horror film. Literally making tons of profit of human, blood, bones, and sexual misery.

This isn’t normal human behavior. It is satanic evil behavior…and there is A LOT of this kind of behavior embedded in countless American systems.

“Well that’s just capitalism! And that was necessary!”

Bullshit. Productivity and money can occur without massive war, massive bloodshed, massive death and misery. These things should not be so effortlessly equated. That is lazy, sloppy, human thinking. Also propaganda of another kind. Nazi Germany style propaganda.

Umair holds up a mirror to America. And we screech because we see a hideous monster. But the fact is that monster has always existed behind a beautiful facade that has crumbled before the entire world…and even though the monstrous isn’t as hideous as the picture Umair paints…it’s still a pretty hideous fucking monster.

Working with the Light!

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