I’ve always thought they were flip sides of the same coin…the Pubs have always been unapologetically awful…and the Dems…you might even argue are far more insidious because they only pretend not to be.

When you want to seriously call the pubs on their shit…and you ask Dems to do it…they just stand or sit there looking silly, simple and sheepish.

With a lot of these BLM protests and demands for REAL change…a lot the Dems everywhere are looking around like “are you talking to me? You want to change what?”

All this crazy, crazy shit Trump is doing right now…going into cities and declaring war on protesters (for insisting black lives matter) and the Dems aren’t doing a damn thing to stop this bullshit. They are quietly co-signing.

We’re beginning to see how intertwined the parties are, how they actually help one another, with their good cop/bad cops bull shit…they are all answering to the same corrupt ass police chief and Union President. None of them want a goddamn thing to change.

Working with the Light!

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