I’ve been following your chicken little rants for quite some time; and at first you had me freaked the fuck out!!I was on your bandwidth. OMG it’s all collapsing! Jesus Christ! Soon there will be no food! No water even! Everyone will have a gun! We’re going to be killing each other off, like the walking dead! It’s just over. We’re done.

But then we weren’t. And…I started to see things changing all around me, little things, starting with a whole lot of people becoming interested in mindfulness, meditation, different states of consciousness…I began to look at things differently.

We are not collapsing…we are evolving. We are on the cusp of something new…and to that end, we gotta be out with the old. The old is done. And it has to burn up, shake out, die off…however you choose to see it, just know that it has to go…so what’s next can be born; and that is what is happening.

Working with the Light!

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