I’ve been saying this for years. And the thing is, with these fuckin cops…is that they want to take all your damn energy. Clearly most Americans realize what a totally fucked up congame our political system is. We know these cops are constantly pissing in our ears and telling us it’s raining.

Nevertheless, every four years we are subjected to these big elaborate-bread and circus shows. Literally the most bass, dumb, idiotic reality TV show…we’re supposed to be into Trump v. Biden like it’s the WWE. And they’ll be throwing in lil disgusting nuggets like this soon:

“wanna see the President take a dump?”

Oh yes please! I do! I want to smell it too!”

They just love debasing and degrading the people who play in these paradigms beyond human recognition.

They suck people into this insanity, deprive them of dignity and will sell them tickets to their own horrendous degradation.

Why don’t these people ever question why they are spending their energy this way? Why aren’t they sickened by the filth and stench, of a system rife with corruption?

“Hold your nose and vote.” Is another command in circulation. What. The. Fuck.

We need to stop paying time, attention and energy to this monstrosity of a freak show that is the American Political system. We really do. And I mean everybody on the entire globe. Don’t give your energy to this shit.

What you give energy to increases. It’s time to put our energy back where it belongs; on us.

Working with the Light!

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