I’ve never heard Hillary refer to Donald with these middle school and intellectually challenged high school terms…clearly that’s Trump thing that he does to shamelessly manipulate a base that is just not too bright and can be manipulated in that way. This is not politics, not even in Middle School. It’s bullying, ape-like, might-is-right behavior. It’s primitive. It’s regressive. Whatever Hillary’s flaws are, those aren’t them. She recently referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables”. Which is about as low as she goes. When you are ranting, raving and foaming at the mouth wanting to inflict violence on any and everyone who doesn’t want to do exactly what you want them to do, that term is suitable. Many Trump supporters are nothing more than a ranting, raving lynch mob, and if you point this out and ask them to think, they get even more angry. This is so illogical, to the point where it would be fascinating if it were so close to home. These nutter butters are everywhere…and the only solutions they’ve got to anything is ranting, raving and foaming at the mouth, maybe eating brains — it’s like they’re zombies.

Working with the Light!

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