I’ve thought about this a lot. Why these clearly illogical and irrational fallacies, are extraordinarily convincing for most people. Which is to say most people fall for it, without even a strand of evidence of that these assertions are true.

Why, do they do it? The lazy hierarchical nature of the lower human brain. The base brain. The ancient lizard brain that does not want to think much. In that part of the brain, rich people are recognized to be the alpha dogs, deference to the alpha, no matter what the alpha is doing, is all that matters. If you have a dog (I do), you might notice that when there is any sort of conflict in the family, the dog sides with whoever he thinks has the most power. Its the pack mentality, which is probably crucial to the survival of pack animals. So this kind of behavior is not pure idiodicy, it is based in a memory of what is necessary for survival.

But humans should have out grown this thinking because we don’t live in packs — or actually we do- but we also live in fairly complex civilizations where this pack mentality is inappropriate and irrelevant. You can praise and defer to some millionaire or billionaire alpha dog all you want, it will have zero impact on your personal life, unless perhaps you are in a personal relationship with the wealthy individual. But even then, not likely. Wealthy ones do not subscribe to pack mentality, but they will take advantage of it.

Therefore all that praise and deference results in greater advantage taken of these deferential people. Why would anyone play this idiotic game? To be a member of the pack. So in their minds, they are aligned with the rich and powerful — and it doesn’t particularly matter that this particular group does nothing for them and often acts against their best interests, they want to be a part of the group so bad, they will suffer whatever the rich and powerful throw at them, just to associate. Now this explains the existence of millions of Republicans.

Okay, so…what about the democrats? Do they play this mind frack, as well? No…their mind games are different, slightly more rational, but only slightly. They say, look at all those powerful assholes on the other side, and their legions of minions. You don’t want to be subjected to that pack mentality idiocy, do you? And of course, most who can move beyond their ancient lizard brain, say “no, of course not.”

So then, they come back with, “well we are your only other alternative, and really we’re not much better. We will allow a little more freedom of expression. We will throw out some crumbs, here and there, but really, at the core, we are the same. The more powerful mind fracking the masses into going along with whatever the power agenda is. And that agenda largely benefits the powerful only.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!