Jesus Chris!!! My mom told me about this book! She said that this was the go to book on parenting before Dr. Spock!

She said it was German, and very harsh! But wholly-moly! Harsh doesn’t even scratch the surface. That’s child abuse! Well, God bless and forgive. They did not know. They did what they thought was best.

Well…you just answered the last question I raised about how people got so disconnected from the true purpose of their minds!

People apparently, have been trying to control other people for forever. I had heard the rumor that Germans were cold and unfeeling, but I just figured it was a stereotype. (You know, cause Nazis.) I know that all stereotypes are a little bit true, but man! That book! Jesus! (Who would write such a treacherous thing?)

But that’s exactly why LoA would be very hard for you. You would have to undo all that insanity, and when it starts very young, you don’t even really know what the hell the insanity is that you are even trying to undo!

Well…you found the book, that’s a start! Start listening to some Theta beats and start undoing that ish!!!! Like ASAP!!! Rewrite those scripts!!!!whatever you learned from that book, tell yourself the opposite! Obedience is bull! Freedom is the natural state of things! Tell yourself this as you drift off to sleep (you are in Theta)

I actually just started doing this myself. Consciousness is such an unexplored territory, I really believe that our brain is like a projector, giving us certain experiences based on the programming that our parents, teachers, friends, larger society put into it.

We run those programs unconsciously. But we can rewrite them. Trying to just tell yourself, “I don’t believe everything I have ever been told” doesn’t necessarily work without therapy, or at least a reinforcement group (which I luckily have). But studying spiritual concepts, having spiritual experiences allowed me to slowly disrupt much of the bogus programming.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!