John Hopkins, anyone who photoshops Trump as a butterfly absolutely cannot be taken seriously, even if they are! And who knows! I truly hope Steve was being satirical with his assessment of Trump’s motives (I’d like to think he’s too intelligent to fall for the con) but who knows. The conversations are getting pretty crazy over here.

I just had a long conversation with my cousin about how Hillary is definitely illuminati, but Trump is not illuminati, because he brought Bill Clinton sexual assault victims to the debate. (Oh don’t ask! It makes no sense!)

My point is people have convinced themselves of all sorts of bizarre things, as in the same conversation my cousin also insists that Dave Chapelle and Brittany Spears have been killed and cloned…by the illuminati, of course. The illuminati has a human cloning center…everyone knows this…geez.

A lot of talk these days, about illuminati. I used to dismiss it outright because of these conversations (clones really?) But now…I don’t know. I think there might be something to it…though exactly WTF is going on with this “illuminati” is impossible to uncover. Just impossible. A few running and ruining the entire world via a predatory and pyramid scheming central banking system, seems entirely possible. Just look at our world and look at the banks! WTF? Something is not right!

Now whether they clone people, hold MK ultra mind controlled sex slaves and/or hold these elaborate child sacrifices ceremonies to worship owls or the devil, or whatever…who knows what rich people do when they are bored. It’s not outside of the realm of possibilities.

Children are sacrificed all the time in lucrative international slave trades of all sorts, so it’s not such a leap that the very wealthy might do this sort of thing ritualistically for kicks, or for worship, or whatever. It might make the whole child slave thing, more palatable. (Yes…we work our child slaves to death, but at least we don’t sacrifice them all to Basmet or the Owl…that’s much worse. We are good people, essentially.)

I told my cousin if there is an illuminati, Trump is definitely wanting into that club. To rub shoulders with the Rothschilds? Sure, they say you gotta kill a kid or five to roll with that crew. But the immoral implications of child sacrifices, not likely to crimp the style of a man who has no qualms siphoning off child cancer charity funds or treating his own children as his personal puppets to the point where they don’t even know where he ends and they begin.

Now, how anyone can see this man as altruistic, is beyond me…but they do. Not only is Trump not illuminati, (according to conspiracy theorist who speak of the illuminati) Trump is taking on the illuminati — singlehandedly, for you and me John. It’s kinda like how Christ died for all our sins…yeah just like that.

I say, if Trump is taking on the illuminati,(and he just might be!) it’s only because his ego is so large he thinks he can replace them. Trump central banking, you get a free MAGA hat (regardless of what country you live in) when you open an account. I mean you gotta love it, when was the last time the illuminati gave you anything other than debt?

Trump is the man. He will slay those evil, nefarious illuminati forces and give us banks, universities and hospitals that work! And MAGA hats!

Working with the Light!

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