Just because she worked for one devil doesn’t mean she can’t work against another. The NRA is insane and evil, because it’s not about anyone’s right to have a gun. Most people are fine with that. What we don’t like is psychopaths going into schools, killing women and children, women being killed in their homes at an alarming rate, guns finding there ways into communities were they don’t belong at an alarming rate, destroying the community and bringing drugs and sex trafficking to boot. The NRA is behind all of that. It is evil incarnate. You and your one gun, aren’t going to make a damn bit a difference, in any of this, so it largely doesn’t matter, but people should be able to speak the truth about it. The fake food is an entirely different topic…well not entirely. Monsanto has an army. Surely they are in bed with the NRA too.


Working with the Light!

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