Just because you keep saying that over and over again doesn’t make it true. But that’s an effective tactic, though. Disinformation 101. Just keep saying insulting, ridiculous things over and over and over again. Heavy repetition is a tool of brainwashing. It works.

Notice that I don’t feel the need to insult you, over and over and over again. If I feel that someone is beneath my level of engagement, I simply will not engage. Heavy repetition of insults is infantile behavior.

You are not handing a damn thing to me, you are deflecting — and seeing how well it works. You do this a lot. Anytime issues come up that you don’t want to deal with, the insults get thrown about. That’s not my way, because, well, I’m not five.

I’m watching and taking note of all of your disinformation tactics and strategies. You keep bantering back at me because you can’t resist the challenge. Always gotta get that last word. Also a disinformation 101 strategy? I like challenging your rhetorical style, because it’s a different sort of style — definitely unAmerican until Trump. It’s official, he’s deep into Russian disinformation dissemination and he has jeopardized the security of our nation either purposely or unwittingly. Either way it’s my patriotic duty to point out speech and online activity that is a threat to the nation.

So you’re big into this anti-feminism. Stoking the flames of disagreement around gender issues constantly. To what end? To have women and men at each other’s throats over equality or lack thereof? Every nation on the planet has severe problems of one sort or another, at this time, and these problems will never, ever, ever get solved if men and women are not effectively cooperating. What does your anti-feminism rhetoric add to this equation?

Just more division. Your means are inherently destructive and your ends are unclear. Your ends seem to be divisiveness for its on sake. Divisiveness is destroying the American political system right now. All these heavily manipulated Americans need to take a step back and think about that right now.

Oh, and I know this is all Marxism right? Wanting to defend your country from harmful external forces is Marxism, right? Because everything I say is Marxism. Yeah, right.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!