Just no. Too simplistic an explanation for the total clusterf@ck of a situation the republic is in right now.

There is smoke…too much damn smoke, to keep up the “there is no fire” bullshit.

There are several f@cking fires 🔥, the issue is which ones will be revealed and when…it’s all a game really and Comey is one hell of a player.

But he’s no liar. No one believes that. Sure he is playing the game to his advantage (like you wouldn’t do exactly the same in his shoes — you would!)

And if you are the typical trumpster, you’ll hate him for it…cause he’s got Trump checkmated like a mfer!

Game recognize game.

And no, he’s not a liar. That’s not his game. He’s smarter than that! And all the dumb asses who want to keep up all the dumb shit, can’t touch this game!

It’s the game of integrity. It’s a hell of a play…hard for an opponent to beat. We shall see how it plays out.

Comey ain’t nobody’s beeatch! I like him!

Working with the Light!

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