Just nope. I was never ga-ga for Hillary. And quite honestly the nonstop Hillary hate fest is becoming a bit disconcerting and feels deeply misogynistic when there are LITERALLY at least 400 White men in DC who walk like her and talk like her and act like her WHO NEVER get called out, by you, or anyone else. At least not as long, and hard and passionately and relentlessly as those with a hard-on for Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, I said it. Cause I am sick of it.

You wanna talk about evil? What about Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and all their besties who are LITERALLY making plans to kill babies, old folks and fools. Right now?

I don’t give a flying F@ck about no HILLARY! I got more pressing issues…but I am tired of all the HILLARY HATING, just for the sake of it. I am offended, because even though I don’t vote with my vagina, I do have one. I am sick of all this not stop hate directed at her just because she had the audacity to do the same things that every single Pub men, and a fair amount of Dem men, do or would do every day, if given the opportunity.

YES! Hillary is a f@cking politician!!!! (And a damn good one at that.) YES she has made 1001 deals with the damn devil! As have all the rest!!!! But wait, it is so different!! She is soooo evil!!!! Because she has a Vajay-jay!!!! GTFOH with this misogynistic rant.

The Hillary supporters are PISSY! And I get it, cause it ain’t so much about Hill, it really ain’t…at least not for me. But the non stop double standard!!!!!!! This mfer, running around like a three year old tweeting spy locations talking bout “I got the right!!!!!”

And you wanna go into a long Hillary hate fest, talking about Hillary is more evil?!?!?!?!?

It is just crazy to me! It really is! And I mean you go down some rabbit holes, and honestly they might be leading somewhere, cause a man is dead, probably over some dirt, and that’s not right. But neither is Trump.

And, as far as who is more evil, they are both so grimey in my view, it doesn’t matter! This one wants to lock all the black men in America up! This one wants to do that too, but not before he pimps them out on The Celebrity Apprentice, and makes a cool mil!

Whatever! Both grimey, in my damn book! Neither will ever going to go out of their way to do a damn thing for me, the options are, which one would kill me less treacherously, on a whim? I think Hillary. I really do.

Who do you really work for? Breitbart? One of those political companies that run algorithms figuring out how to f@ck with people’s minds? Like the billionaires who put Trump in office? How much they paying? Being Pubby Murder Death kill billionaires, I’m thinking, five dollars an hour. F@ck that living wage, right?

Maybe…maybe not. I can’t quite figure you out, you are on some Peter Baelish shift. Ginger Murray — do you believe this?

Working with the Light!

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