Just not true…parts of our government are socialist…any public goods: roads, libraries, utilities, public schools, hospitals are examples of socialism.

You are confusing socialism with communism…and in a hysteria.

Why are people so insistent on spreading this propaganda? I’m genuinely curious. People are growing ever more hysterical over the term “socialism” which has always been a part of our society.

Social Security, which most Americans love, is pure socialism. They are not participating at “gun point.” Honestly, is this how you see it?

Global economic collapse is inevitable, largely due to the corruption of capitalism. There are no answers to this vast, looming GLOBAL economic crisis. None.

But this hysteria about socialism (which quite frankly isn’t even on the table) is just bizarre! Everything that is happening right now…wildfires, hurricanes, climate change, super viruses, mandatory vaccines, end of democracy as a functional government anywhere, and you want to talk about the problems with socialism -that has actually worked out okay in some countries-not great though.

I feel like the socialism hysteria is propaganda and distraction.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!