Just wow. I’m speechless. (Rare for me.) This is compelling. There is so much here. I am not Native American — at least I don’t think so, really I have no idea what I am exactly — African-American- with a lot of stuff mixed in, most of it I suppose is European, maybe some Native stuff though. It’s been said. But no one knows for sure.

I can definitely relate to ancestry lost and having no idea who is back there…and how to connect to them, or what they might want from me now.

I have a great-grandmother who is straight, off the boat from west Africa- African. I have a great-great grandfather who was a white Kentucky plantation owner. I’m not sure what kind of white, but clearly white. What can I do with these sorts of relatives?

Last September, I went to a pow-wow inside a federal prison (of all places) and I cried so hard all the organs inside my body were shaking. Why?

It’s not right to treat people the way the Native Americans have been treated in this country…and speaking to them, hearing their stories, seeing the damage done to them first hand…I cried for them and at the same time I cried for me. The typical African-American narrative is not so different.

I found this story to be unusually compelling. And I don’t even know why. I won’t stop thinking about it.


Working with the Light!

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