KD!!! Glad to see ya here! Always have my back! You know you’re a line crosser! Maybe not the same ones that I cross, but the ones you cross are no less difficult.

It’s an interesting commentary. It was at HB that I learned that white people, of a certain social class, hate to be called racist. Man they just hate it!

I was shocked to learn that, because I just automatically assumed, prior to those HB interactions, that white people knew they were racist. I didn’t know that some of them would debate against it so ferociously. Honestly, I still don’t get that. (This is an upper class white thing. Because believe you me, down here, in the South, plenty of whites have no problem owning their racism.)

But I find all the HB whites, who for the record I think all of them are quite racist, in a very normal average sort of way, baffling with their outrage and denials. I’m like just own it. Cause you’re sure as hell not fooling me, and it’s sort of insulting to my intelligence that you think you are. Then, I have to consider something really bizarre to me…are they fooling themselves? I think they might be.

Let me just state, that generally, everyone is racist. And when you say to one of you white friends or relatives, “hey that was kinda racist” all you’re really saying is, “you know, you’re not perfect.”

And yet, they lose their ever loving minds? I believe you, because I’ve had HB white people do that to me when I suggested racism was factoring into what was happening to me in that environment. It clearly was. But all of our white teachers insisted that it absolutely was not that! Perish the thought! Racism at HB, never!

Um, yeah always. Let’s just be honest about it. I think upper class whites balk at the term “racism” because they associate it with Klan type racism. In their minds, that’s what racist. Wearing hoods and burning crosses and they want no parts of those low class antics.

I mean I get it. They are not that kind of racist. But upperclass white racism is a very real thing. It’s just different. It is subtle, but it seeks to be demeaning and degrading, while at the same time not ever admitting to being or doing these things. “I’m not demeaning you, or degrading you, or being racist just because when you come to your reunion and tell me you’re in the class of 89, I double check, and triple check, and even when you point to your name in the list, I STILL don’t believe you belong here, until Hillary recognizes you. I was just being thorough.”

Nah…not one bit racist. Except I know it is. I’m not fooled, you know. I want to state that for the record. That was 2009, the last time I visited HB.

That sort of racism, is just as, if not more, damaging than Klan racism. These kind of white people determine, who gets into HB, and who gets into Harvard, and so on and so forth.

They run the systems, and they can (and often do) keep systematic racism in place, without ever having to get their hands dirty, all the while proclaiming “I’m not racist!”

And, probably that’s a little true, because what they are is classist. Most definitely classist, which is to say this exclusionary behavior is closely tied to class.

But let’s not be ridiculous and act like race and clad aren’t related. Clearly they are. Certainly in America, where most blacks started out as slaves. And classism is something we really don’t talk about, because as Melanie once said to me, “that’s not allowed.” By anyone, except the most elite, and for fairly obvious reasons.

But the race/class game was being played in Charlottesville, because I’m here to tell ya, UVA didn’t want that alt-right protest in their backyard. And so, some games were being played, from the dodgy instructions that were given to the police to the appearance of “Antifa.”

I’m convinced UVA shut that protest down, without ever getting it’s hands dirty — and, that wasn’t so much a race issue, as a class issue, because it’s not that Charlottesville much minds racism, they just are really bothered by that sort of lower class Klan type racism. With good reason, it is pretty ugly, virulent, destructive sort of racism. They weren’t having it. Can’t say I blame them.

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