So, Son of Baldwin goes HARD. He really does, against all sorts of social injustices…and just the way he writes.

I just had to quote him when he said this:

We are always looking to somehow blame the victim and absolve the rapist because consent is an abhorrent concept to the imperial mind; and this is, in all ways, an imperial nation.

He is indeed channeling James Baldwin; and, I just gotta love that. I do. But he really hit a big collective white male nerve, and was thusly attacked, when he wrote Let them Fucking Die.

Who is them? That’s the first question, right? Cause white males generally are not (at least, I don’t find) obsessed with life affirming beliefs. So why the outrage, when Baldwin, says, Let them fucking die? It is actually a rallying cry of a lot white men. Especially if the them is say; ISIS. Then to rage, let them all die, is perfectly fine, right? So…what’s the problem?

Well, because, Son of Baldwin is talking about them. White males, of a certain ilk. Steve Scalise, the Pub Whip, was saved by (apparently) a black gay female cop, who, I’m sure, was just doing her job. She didn’t think about not reacting. Not as well trained as those in these kinds of professions must be. Letting them all die, was not really an option for her. Not in that very public forum. But it’s simply the idea of it, that is compelling to Baldwin. But not so, for most white men. They don’t find this nearly as compelling as the death chants for ISIS. But, truly there’s not much difference. These Pub white supremacists are just the white version, of that same sort of terroristic mentality.

And so, when Baldwin wrote that the cop should have let him die…(more for dramatic flair and to make a point I think, than ever advocating for any sort of practical action for capitol police) all these white people, who have nothing to say about Castile’s death and the subsequent not guilty verdict for the police officer who shot him,…go f@cking ape.

Suddenly life matters. It is so precious that no matter what Scalise’s flaws are his precious white male life just had to be saved. But Not Philando Castile’s, mind you. No white tears or outpouring of grief or outrage for his loss of life. This past week, his murderer quietly received no consequences- none, for killing him. That barely went off on any white American’s life affirming radar. They could care less, about any of that.

But the Klansman in the Congress - his life, is one that should be saved, at all costs. Even if (irony of irony) a black gay female cop has to risk hers to save it. When a gay black man suggests otherwise, white people went ape.

But, I’m with Baldwin. This is truly a WTF, sort of moment. Of all the sheroes, I just wish he hadn’t been saved by that one. It kind of makes me a little sick. I think most white people, think this sh&t is cute. It’s not.

The best I can personally do, with regard to the Scalise tragedy, is not be gleeful about it. (And I’m not. I am appropriately somber about his situation; and I am very proud of myself for that.)

But, If I were gleeful, no white person should have the audacity to judge or chastise me for that. Are you f*cking kidding me, white people?

They should simply sigh, and say, We understand. Given all the circumstances, given America’s despicable systematic racism, we understand

But, most white people are totally incapable of being real about race or anywhere near that understanding of black frustration over American racism.

Meanwhile, Caitlin Johnstone, wrote a piece about the injustice of Philando Castile’s death, and the total lack of white sympathy or accountability for it. She had this to say, specifically:

America has a race problem, and America has a policing problem. For some idiotic reason these have both become politicized statements, with obnoxious conservatives denying both these undeniable assertions outright and obnoxious liberals using them to manipulate votes out of minorities while doing absolutely nothing to reduce the militarization of the US police force or address any of the other underlying problems in any meaningful way, but that doesn’t make them any less true. America has a race problem, America has a policing problem, and America’s corrupt corporatist political system refuses to do anything about either of these things.

Well…Cait tells the truth, as she sees it. In this case, I have to agree with her. I don’t always agree with her. In fact, I threw a hissy over a HRC hatefest she was inciting, with one of her articles. And not because I’m gaga for Hillary, mind you. I just didn’t see what all the nonstop Hillary hating was accomplishing. I got attacked by Cait’s reckless and rabid band of followers, who go on the offense, every single time someone dares to challenge her.

She’s not beyond question (sheeple followers), but when she’s right, she’s right. With regard to American racism, I think she’s right.

But, I also told her don’t expect your followers to jump on this particular bandwagon. It ain’t gonna happen. I knew her conservative and liberal white audience would balk at her calling out American racism, exactly as it is. And, of course, they did.

Not only was she not lauded and applauded, as is typical for almost everything that she writes, she was attacked! And her vicious band of sycophants who typically ferociously defend any and everything that she writes were MIA for this post. Just crickets. They had nothing to say. I asked her if she was surprised. She didn’t answer. I’m truly curious.

I don’t have to ask Son of Baldwin, because I know he knew, exactly what to expect when he wrote Let Them Fucking Die. He wasn’t disappointed. White men, many of whom admitted to never before reading or knowing anything about Son of Baldwin, just had to weigh in, with their great white male authority, on the propriety of his command. Shocker: they didn’t like it.

White male trolls came out in full effect, for both Caitlin Johnstone and Son of Baldwin. Let’s examine their logic shall we?

First, go check out Caitlin’s article about Philando. Check out the comment section, and just look at them go — starting with gxorlando! You can always count on that dude to jump up and tell you why black lives don’t matter. Also look for: Ryder Spearmann and Brent Weeks and Rick Fisher. They all felt the need to jump in and refute everything she said. They do this, like clockwork, every single time someone utters black lives matter - they RUN - to that post, providing millions of reasons (with their very warped sort of reasoning) why black lives don’t. They’ve got an arsenal of crazy fake news to back them up on all of their insanity; and even when Caitlin points out, how treacherously fake so much all of that crazy racist conservative news is (that was in fact the entire point of her article about Castile) they mindlessly dismiss that.

In their own ignorant words and thoughts, the gist of their collective response to Caitlin Johnstone was basically this: Bitch! Just stick to hating Hillary! That’s all we want from you! That’s all we need from you!

And hey, don’t look at me like that. You know its true. You know this is how the gxorlandos of the world think. These minds are small…and hate against other, that’s about all they can handle. They will eat it, where ever they find it, even in a so-called radical progressive’s article feed. Caitlin has tons of these types of subscribers…she feeds them, for better or worse. I’m not mad at her. I recognize the hustle.

The second white male response to the notion that black lives matter, is largely to stay silent about it or at most offer a pretty innocuous comment. “Gee is there really such a thing as racism? My one black friend told me there isn’t and I believe him.”

They don’t really take sides, though deep in their hearts and minds, they are probably thinking something a long the lines of: hmmm black people being terrorized by police, I would like to say, you know, this is fucked up or wrong…but, I won’t. Who am I kidding? It’s not my problem. I’m just going to ignore it.

Then we have your real anomalies. We have your Tim Wises, Mike Meyers and even your Sean Neville’s who will say: yeah it’s a problem; and it needs to be addressed.

No white man said this about Caitlin’s observations. To be fair a handful of white women did. But Mike Meyers, courageous and ever practical, nearly came around to handing Baldwin a full imprimatur when he wrote (of Baldwin’s position):

‘I cannot support it but I find I’m unable to denounce it in this specific time and place.”

Considering the circumstances, that’s about where I am at, too. At least I am not gleeful. I am really not. And I am proud of myself for this. I still have my humanity. Do you still have yours?

But then Sean Neville rings the white privilege is dying alarms with Don’t Let them Fucking Die and he’s certainly not talking about black people. No…he’s adamantly defending the Klansmen of the world, because “calling for the death of right-wing white people is no way to get out of that hole.”

This is his great advice, to black people all over the country literally dying at the hands and thought viruses of these people. I agree, calling for (or being gleeful about) their death, is no solution to the problem of racism.

But what is? Sean has no real answers. Meanwhile, huge portions of the American population, white and black, feel as though they have nothing to lose. And, I’m gonna let everyone in on a little secret: white privilege really is dying. But that’s a whole other article.

This one is about Black lives mattering and so, I offer this: if you can be outraged by this black man merely suggesting that blacks don’t jump to the assistance endangered whites, (endangered by their own laws, policies and practices, I might add) then you definitely need to find that same outrage about blacks being slaughtered in the streets for no good reason. But for Sean, (and most white men like him) that’s merely an afterthought.

And to be fair, Son of Baldwin is not even advising anything all that controversial. He’s not Huey P. Newton, advising black people to bear arms (as is their second amendment right), and take to the streets defending themselves against police brutality. In fact, he clearly states he is not doing that, stating:

I may not be suggesting that we go out and start a war that we are certain to lose if only because the bigots have all the armaments, all the firepower, all the militaries, all the institutions; and their hearts are afire with the pure hatred that energizes them, seemingly infinitely; and they outnumber us in every corner of the known world.

Instead, he simply advises most blacks to reject centuries of brainwashing, which he describes as mounds of propaganda that imagines our oppressors as deserving of our humanity in the face of their lack of such.

Oh, God. Do I ever agree. These people are awful. They are simply deplorable. (Hillary wasn’t wrong about that.) And most of them simply do not deserve for any woman, much less a gay black woman, to take a bullet for them.


But Neville insists the rejection of this brainwashing is a “call for manslaughter in the case of white people whose policies have in some way a negative impact on various demographics. To me the underlying sentiment of Neville’s Don’t Let them Die, is something along these lines:

Yes, I know black people have been treated brutally for centuries and are now literally being shot down in the streets like dogs, but what about me! I’m white! I should never have to fear such consequences, nor should any white person, anywhere in America! Not even the really, really racist ones! They are white people too! (unlike the blacks they habitually, beat, rape, kill and ruthlessly exploit. Now that my white male mind can easily deny, overlook and justify away, easily.)

Oh, that’s so very white of you, Sean Neville, so very, very white of you, indeed. Meanwhile, Baldwin, refuting Neville’s sort of white logic aptly points out:

“Only a fool — a pure, unthinking, meandering, clueless fool — would extend a hand to the person with an ax waiting to chop it off.”

And he has a point. A point that Neville conveniently ignores and down plays, by calling the vicious, brutal state and federally sanctioned violence against black people, policies that “have in some way a negative impact on various demographics.” Whew! Boy! that’s some spinning and white-washing!

And he’s not even one of the racist ones!

He’s a pretty reasonable white guy. Yet he finds Son of Baldwin’s perspective so threatening, he calls it“a sharp turn toward the psychotic.”

Really? He’s psychotic, for suggesting that black people not assist people who are hell bent on their destruction? I guess those Jews are pretty psychotic too, for all their talk about Nazi horrors, and never forgetting.

Anyway. Son of Baldwin’s Let Them All Die is many unusual things…but it ain’t psychotic. It’s provocative. It lends itself to it’s own sort of logic, that is quite atypical. It’s an ethical question that is designed to make you squirm, because really: why should a black, gay female cop, risk her life, to save a racist, sexist, gun worshiping, homophobe? Why? What possible incentive should she have to do so? It’s a good question! Resonating with quite a few, as Son of Baldwin has some 470 likes and counting…

Why save the life of one who has been hell bent on killing you? There is one at least. A paycheck. She did her job, did it well, and to date, has received no real incentive, reward or appreciation for a job well done. So why do it? Why go above and beyond for one who would rather see you die than fly? This is a really reasonable questionable. It’s not psychotic. And the extreme responses to both Caitlin and Son of Baldwin, with regard to the basic (on Caitlin’s part) and really complex (On Baldwin’s part) observations about American racism are largely based in white male fear.

Baldwin speaks truth when he writes:

“For centuries, black people have been regarded as sub-human workhorses whose entire purpose is to serve white people’s whimsies.”

Most white Americans hate to admit this, rarely think of this, and certainly despise entertaining any real thoughts about what the long term consequences of any of this might be or what kinds of restitution could or should be made. Oh God, how they hate that. Really, it’s them who desperately ride the: Let Them All Die, thought virus, when you talk about making America’s racist wrongs right by paying African-Americans their slavery reparations. Bring that up and you will encounter raging, rabid legions of white Americans screaming: Never! Let them All DIE!

Except, in this case, the them, is American blacks. The collective American white psyche would much rather all blacks just die, than even attempt to truly to acknowledge or correct the centuries of injustice and oppression leveled at Black people via the institution of slavery. Furthermore, they are loath to recognize that this institution has had severe consequences for all Americans - and most of them are not good. Yet in deep denial, that collective psyche prays and pleads, Just Let them all die, please just let them all die. And for the love of God, please don’t let any of that angry black rage or desire for vengeance impact me, in anyway. I hope the police kill them! I hope I never have to truly see the day when black lives truly matter.

These are the unspoken thoughts of the collective white American psyche…no one is fooled by the way. Certainly not black people. We know why you go ape over the expression: black lives matter.

And yet vicious, ruthless, inhumane, exterminating treatment of the parts of the population deemed undesirable on whatever basis, is not the way out of this particular dilemma. (Mass extermination, population depression…that never works. Check out India and China. Both countries tried it, and ended up with well over a billion people.) Relentless oppression of people only seems to lead to a more hardier, vicious and resilient breed of people.

And… after a while, these people get damn tired of endless violence and oppression and ruthless apathy directed against them. That is exactly what is happening now.

This is what happened to white women trying to vote…

Furthermore and also, because white women (quiet as it is kept) don’t fare much better under this U.S. white male dominated paradigm, they will often speak out against racism, in far greater numbers their male counterparts. But this dynamic alone, is troubling for white people. For white men, even the reasonable ones, (especially for the reasonable ones) racism remains a particular conundrum. I mean why should they take on the Klan (crazy as they are and have been for centuries) around issues that don’t really impact them? But then too they don’t want to speak out against sexism either, cause it’s all tied up into the same sick paradigm. Really woke white men, like Joe Brewer, recognize this, and can describe in great detail, the current breakdown of the whole sick system.

As for Benjamin T. Awesome, he’s got his finger squarely on the pulse of the issue when he says, “It is worth identifying exactly what this problem is: many Americans literally do not believe black lives matter.”

He’s no idiot. He actually uses his brain. This type has a hard time just giving into the denial fantasies that truly consume most on the American right, a long a number of issues. There are a number of far right fantasies about the climate, capitalism, race, work, women — you name it. That group entertains all kinds of madness.

Well, what else to expect from such sleepy sheeple.

But this awesome guy, is not that type. His kind can’t just cover their ears and go “la, la, la, la, la the climate is not changing because I am clicking my heels three times and pretending that is not! That scares me and I don’t know how to deal with scary things! La, la, la, la!”

Usually, these scientific climate change types don’t particularly care…about racism in America or what is going on with black people. And so I have to give him his props, at least for honesty, when he sticks out his neck (even though the gxorlando, Ryder Spearmann, Brent Weeks and Rick Fishers types will come for it with their proverbial axes) when he says:

“Black Lives Matter confronts this head-on. Implicit in the words is the recognition that, to many, black lives do not matter. When Black Lives Matter rallies in response to indefensible police violence, it goes beyond this to recognize that many people who do not believe black lives matter, who see black people as subhuman, are in positions of authority that enable them to carry out unjust violence against black people. When we say “America has a race problem,” this is the problem.”

How did he, unlike most of his typical white male peers, reach this pretty accurate conclusion? I have no idea. Really any independent observer, could easily look at a few basic facts, connect the dots and make this fairly basic observation. Any idiot with a half a brain should be able to do it. One not need to be a rocket scientists, or even a scientist. But for your typical white male, to make this observation, he would need to be exceptional in some of sort of way. When it comes to identifying racism — most white men are predictably unexceptional and act as if they are retarded.

It’s that whole, illuminati, MK ultra mind shield that goes up, in a lot of minds for various different reasons, whenever someone is approaching a real truth. It goes up in most white male minds regarding anything even approaching the truth about American racism. Most white men absolutely refuse to confront the reality of racism, due to their fears (deep unconscious fears in the American psyche) about race.

What are these fears? Well, here is one which Sean Neville hinted at: White people (especially the men) are absolutely terrified that Black people will begin treating white people the way that white people have been treating us, well…since 1776 and before. That’s what is so frightening. Karma. This is why, as Baldwin so clearly articulated:

“We say Black Lives Matter, and white people lose their fucking minds at the thought, and simultaneously want to shoot us and want us to take bullets for them.”

True…WTF white people? Do y’all want to think about that, maybe? Take some time with that one Sean Neville. gxorlando, I am going to ask you to do the same…although I doubt you will be able to process the inherent contradictions.

And…then this, from Buster McCracken,

“I understand there was a filing to the FBI on this reprehensible post which promotes criminally negligent manslaughter — which I’m sure those hate-mongers by now are quickly scurrying to delete their comments. P.S. I wonder exactly how long Medium will keep this post up and what legal ramifications there are if someone with duty to perform actually acts-out in relation to the reading of it.”

This guy is so terrified of Baldwin’s cathartic rant becoming a reality, he’s hoping that the FBI is on the case. What is he expecting the FBI to do? Start profiling all the black cops in America, based on a post from Son of Baldwin? Maybe he’s hoping they will kill off Son of Baldwin, like they did Martin Luther King, Jr.?


This ain’t 1960, and Comey ain’t J. Edger. Deep state seems to be totally focused on taking down Trump, at the moment. This ain’t your granddaddy’s FBI, it’s worse. (And that doesn’t bode well for regular white people…they’re not so focused on us anymore…they are focusing on yall.) The FBI is currently undermining the wishes of huge segments of racist white America, and not cause the FBI has anything against racism.

It certainly does not.

It’s just that right now, they’re in battle mode. Trump came for their jugular, and now they’re going for his. They’ve got no time for Son of Baldwin. It’s these uppity American white people, thinking they actually got some rights to have the president of their choice, who need to be checked.

Let them all die…hmmmm. Dear white people, it’s really not Son of Baldwin, with whom you should be concerned. Let them all die is a play from a familiar book. But not ours.

Let them all die indeed.

Working with the Light!

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