Let’s Go Shopping!

It’s Time for a Shopping Spree in the Best Mall You Have Ever Encountered

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity for Day 1 — Shopping at the 4D Mall

This daily activity has been prepared for Day 1 of the Abundance Challenge (Click here for full instructions to the challenge.)

So Hum ( I am that) by focusing on abundance and repeating that mantra: I am that, you are insisting inside of your mind, I am abundance. Don’t you want to be abundance, you certainly do not want to be lack.

The thought today, I behold the abundance around me is a command to yourself. It is a command that you pay attention to abundance, so that the abundance in your life will increase. When you do this, you are taking your consciousness off the 3D lack hamster wheel. If you can’t leave this paradigm forever, you can at least leave it for ten minutes. Okay, so let’s get to it!

Let’s use our minds to leave 3D. Let’s go to the mall. This isn’t a normal 3D mall, for one thing, your money’s no good here.

Nope. Today we are going to a 4D mall. (If you want to know what 4D is, you need to read one of my articles on light work and light worker. We light workers are operating in the Fourth Dimension, at least fifty percent of the time. It’s a different dimension. Much more peaceful, for one thing. Far more abundant than 3D, for another.

This mall you are about to enter, is unlike any mall you’ve ever been inside, for one thing, it has everything that you need. All of the products in this mall have been perfectly, and expressly designed just for you.

The mall has everything that you have ever paid attention to, but none of the bad things, only the good things. Only good things can exist in the vibration that is 4D. You can have whatever you want in this mall, instantaneously. All you have to do is pay attention to something for five seconds.

And so, in this mall, you must pay very close attention to how you are spending your mental energy (your thoughts, your feelings). Attention is the money. This is the real commerce of abundance consciousness, good, positive, joyful attention!

Not the fake commerce we have all been duped into believing in the in the 3D lack/scarcity paradigm.

In the 4D mall, you pay with the energy of your mind, (just like you pay with the dollars of your wallet in 3D.)

Whenever you are expending mental energy in a way that feels bad (and thinking about the lack scarcity paradigm will generally make you feel bad), you will drop down into the 3D mall…trust me, you don’t want to go there. The 3D mall is a chaotic nuthouse. Products are everywhere, in crazy disarray. It’s nearly impossible to find what you are looking for and none of it seems to be what you want.

There is a panic and desperation in the air. Where is the freaking toilet paper! Sound familiar? That’s 3D. When you pay attention to any of that, you are adding to the lack scarcity paradigm. You are essentially paying for it to continue. (It sucks when you think about it like that, doesn’t it?) We don’t want to do that.

The lack scarcity paradigm has more than enough energy. We want to send all of our positive love light energy to an abundance paradigm. That is what we want to spend our energy money on.

What do you want, in the amazing 4D mall? I know what I want. I am buying a vacation to a warm sandy beach, white sands, fruity tropical drinks! Good times! With my best friends in life!

In the 4D mall I send out my love and light energy, (from your heart chakra) to that desire — and bam! I have just payed for my beach vacation! Now you try it! Does it Sound too easy? What can I say? That’s how we roll in the abundance 4D paradigm!

Love and Light and Inner Peace to You All!

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker


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Working with the Light!

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