Let’s not forget children is what keeps the human race going. (Not that it needs to or should.) And in having children isn’t a “choice” for most people in the world. It is something that happens to them, unless they are affluent enough or protected enough to prevent it from happening.

Among the affluent, mainly white component of the human race, (able to prevent procreation) fertility rates are dropping. And some are freaking out about it.

Often, those freaking out about the fact that fertility rates are dropping drastically (for their ilk) are the ones who implement anti-child policies like this. You can’t have it both ways. If you want people to reproduce, you have to give them the resources to have children.

The quality of children being reproduced (worldwide) is decreasing drastically because children are being denied such basic needs. So what are we doing really? We’re creating millions, no billions of very dangerous people.

The hate you give little infants fucks everyone. This particular infant was hated by Morgan Stanley…there are costs to that. And everyone bears the costs, yes Michael even you.

As for me…the state of the world today…the fertility rate should drop to zero. In a world where anti-life policies are rampant, there’s no point in bringing life in. For what? To be hated? To be exploited?

I think women who are closest to this anti-life sentiment, see the pointlessness of bringing forth life in such an environment. Hence…drastic drops in fertility rates. Their bodies are wising up.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!