Let’s please be clear that these boiled penises aren’t attached to anyone’s bodies. Do not boil a penis attached to anyone’s body. You may think that this maybe obvious to all…I’m just pointing out that with the internet you can’t make those kind of assumptions about all of your readers.

At any rate this was one hell of a public announcement. I am not a man, so I’d never considered that this could be such an issue, but apparently it can be. I wonder why there isn’t more discussion around this. As you pointed out there is an entire bs industry around women smelling “not so fresh.” But a properly functioning vagina, actually doesn’t need to be douched or perfumed, that’s corporate bullshit that probably caused more problems than it ever solved.

Also there are more serious issues with that he male genitalia like lumps on the testicles, or testicular torsion -very serious. That’s when the vein carrying blood to the testes twists and then the testical dies. Then the testical must be removed. Very sad.

It usually happens in adolescence when boys are moving around all athletically and such, and so my advice is if your balls (or your sons) ever start hurting really badly, go to the emergency room immediately. They can fix this if you catch it quick, before all blood supply to the testes is lost, but if not, the testical will be lost.

Of course there is also testicular cancer, which is probably rare, and yet men and boys should check their equipment regularly to know what feels normal, just as women are encouraged to do so monthly with their breasts.

I am a strong advocate for sexual health education for youth. It just makes sense. So just as we tell them to brush their teeth everyday we must also tell them to take care of all their reproductive parts there with the same sorts of vigilance. Why this even continues to be an issue in 2017 is beyond baffling.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!