Like I just read the title and was like “yeah! I’m sure I agree with whatever she’s saying on this!”

What is wrong with this woman?!?!?!???!?!?

It’s not even about being white or black but just pretending to have a fucking brain!!!!!

Someone with Downs Syndrome would do Sarah Huckabee’s job 10,000 times better than she does! She is pointless! There is no reason for her existence as Press Secretary! I’ve not listened to a damn thing she has said in over a year, and I’m promise you, I’m Better for it!!!!!


I absolutely refuse to listen to a damn thing she says, because her astounding incompetence is MADDENING!!!!!

She will drive you crazy -literally. If you try to make sense of complete and total relentless retardation, you will eventually lose your mind.

Her voice is the fucking plague….a pox on intelligence, she has spewed ten tons of unintelligible gibberish.

Working with the Light!