Local whitey unraveling….just unraveling…it is so very difficult to live with ones’s racist self, when the evidence is overwhelming that it is deeply and diabolically wrong.

Descendant of slaves here….researching that diabolical institution that was like Texas Chain Saw Massacre meets Saw meets Silence of the Lambs…and yet, most white Americans run from this truth like it’s the bubonic plague that took our 2/3s of Europe. That’s how threatening the truth about American racism seems to be to some of y’all.

Racism or just bias is a thing…and everybody engages. But stop trying to deflect and evade. Most white Americans have co-signed something that is at a whole other level of horrorific…and the mental denial gymnastics are pointless…everyone knows…everyone knows…you’re only Lying to yourself.

Working with the Light!

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