Lol! Wanna know what I think? (Probably not but I’m going to tell ya anyway.) I think you are the real deal…an Australian woman getting her hustle on going down all sorts of rabbit holes; and you do it well.

And you really don’t like Hillary…

I’m about 80% sure though. I am not 100% positive.

(Could be you are getting some help, and what’s wrong with that? We all need help. But nah…I can’t see Tim Foley writing none of your manifestos. He don’t seem the manifesto writing kind.

Still..So many hustles and cons being run for nefarious purposes…and you sure do give Trump a lot of passes, while ready to Marie Antionette Hillary. (I would like to think only a man could be that biased, but I know I’m wrong. So you could totally be you, and Hillary hating as you do.)

I guess you just have your preferences, with regard to the variety of corruption flavors. Can’t stomach the taste of Hillary, but will hold your nose and down some Trump.

Working with the Light!

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