Lol! Yeah, I like her, kind of! Definitely she had a little something to do with it. As for this amazing feeling of hope and progress you feel — go for it! I remember a lot of people feeling that way 8 years ago, and are now incredibly disappointed. I wasn’t really. I get that game. No one player is ever going to change it. It changes them, never for the better. How will it change Trump? There’s just no telling. Some of you, like you Ron Collins, I really feel for you. I know you wanted change, and I know you’re going to get it — for the worst. I knew, no matter who won, it was not going to get any better, but now, it’s going to get much worse, really quickly. I just don’t know what kind of magic wand anyone thinks Trump can wave to get us out of the numerous clusterf@cks we are in. But the expectations are so high now, he’s bringing manufacturing back! A long with decent jobs! He’s Santa Claus! Does anyone really think that he can live up to the hype? (And quickly!) Because although it’s ridiculous to expect to see any changes in under two years, most people do have these expectations.

Most Americans fall out of love with their heroes quickly if money and blessings don’t pour from the sky immediately after they take office. Attention spans are short, and growing ever shorter.

Trump is about to walk into a Viper pit the likes of which, he has probably never had to deal with, (cause he has zero experience!)

This seems like — a Molotov cocktail for real! The Republicans are gonna self-destruct and they have absolutely no one to blame. The dems are all gone. Now what?

Working with the Light!