Look at this one Caitlin Johnstone. He’s coming at you with knives and bats! “Every known statistic!”

As Beyoncé would say, “Boy, bye!”

Meanwhile, where is your amped up “progressive” army of defenders to disarm this totally baseless troll?

No where to be found!!

I mean when I disagreed with you over the Hillary hatefest, the crew attacked me with such ferocity!!!! In fact I think gxorlando was one of my attackers, which is something he does regularly, troll me. He was totally on board with the Hillary hatefest, but when you start talking about let’s not kill all the black people, gxorlando got nothing but piss and vinegar for ya! My how the worm has turned! Hate to say I told you so. (I hate that America’s racism is so predictably diabolical.) But it is.

But here I am agreeing with you on race, because you’re totally on point with these observations — and of course you are being subjected to the typical attacks: gxorlando regularly makes the rounds explaining to everyone why black lives don’t matter in his book. Rick Fischer too — and yet no one jumps to your defense.

Do you find this unusual? Certainly you should, given the many times your followers have exhibited cult like devotion to your progressive ideas. But not this time. Not on this particular topic of American race relations.

Are you surprised? I’m not, but I am genuinely curious as to what you think about the tepid response you are receiving to what you’ve written here.

I know your audience, and I knew many of them wouldn’t be down with what you’ve written here. Some would come gunning for you. Did you think they wouldn’t? More importantly, what do you think this is about and does it frighten you on some level?

Cause you like to speak truth to power, but even you gotta recognize that it’s only certain kinds of truth to certain kinds of power; you can only get away with so much. And that’s got to be disappointing right?

Also, you don’t seem to have the kind of fire for your racist trolls, that you have for everyone else who disagrees with you. I guess you know you gotta tread lightly here. As for me, well it’s fascinating as all hell watching some people struggle with retaining their humanity in the face of that which is totally disgracefully inhuman, while others are hell bent on not only destroying that of others while conveniently discarding their own.

You are one of the good ones Caitlin Johnstone. You want to keep yours. Good luck with that.

Working with the Light!

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