Look Louis! I laugh when people call me Amber like they know me, hysterical!

Plenty of people are still focused on healthcare, just cause the media isn’t focused on it, that has nothing to do with the people, and that’s who matters. I’m not refusing to listen to you, about Trump being brilliant, I just don’t agree with you in this instance.

He is a brilliant con artist! Yes! I’ll never disagree with you on that. But he’s a horrible politician! The name of the political game is not cause a nonstop media circus! That’s the last thing any politician wants. Millions of people think he’s totally incompetent. He doesn’t understand the most basic tenets of how this very complex system of American government works. Controversy slows everything down. Creating endless opposition is not brilliant. Having people laugh at your press secretary is not brilliant!

Creating endless controversy so that you can get away with raping and pillaging what’s left of an ever dwindling treasury, might be brilliant. But no crook wants a whole lot of eyes on his every move. If ends getting away with stuff by creating these ridiculous headlines, then okay, I’ll concede it’s possible it was all a brilliant plan.

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